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The Viking Chieftain’s Trade-off gives a fascinating insight into Viking markets. One of the major markets in Scandinavia took place every year in the summer by the river in the town of Ribe in Jutland, Denmark. The river, Ribe Aa, is easily accessed by sea.Arne and Astrid had gone to retrieve the family’s cows, which escaped during a violent thunderstorm. Pursuing the cows they accidently chase the chieftain’s sheep away. The Viking chieftain, Gorm, demands compensation for his lost sheep.The children, therefore, have to go with their father, Svend, to the market in Ribe to sell their products: oxhides, amber, chickens and ducks - in order to get enough money for Gorm. Unfortunately, they are robbed of the money they earned from the sale of their products. Now the father cannot pay Gorm compensation money for the sheep. His son, Arne, therefore, will have to go with the chieftain as his slave.
FORFATTER Lise Muusmann
FILNAVN The viking chieftains trade-off.pdf
ISBN 9788793203273
Expeditions: Viking - Interviewing the Chieftain | TechRaptor

Viking traders obtained these goods from locals, sometimes through trade, sometimes through force, and transported them to markets farther south, such as Bulgur or Kiev—or even all the way to Constantinople or Baghdad—where these goods were not available locally.

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