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A user‘s guide to a loving couplehood; deals with the problems that may arise in long-term couplehood and how to prevent or surmount them.Most of us want to find someone to share life with. Someone to love until death us do part. But sometimes it is no easy matter. It may be difficult to find the right partner, and sharing life may be difficult when the partners are busy, quarrelling, jealous or unfaithful.This book is about the problems we are most likely to meet with in long-term couplehood, including anger, quarrels, infidelity, jealousy, forgiving, inattentiveness and a lack of intimacy, and offers proposals for tackling the problems and thus developing a loving couplehood for the benefit of both partners.Kirsten Ahlburg has been a psychotherapist in private practice for 15 years, specialising in couplehood and sexuality. In addition she has contributed to a number of newspapers and magazines as a letters editor and adviser on psychology and couplehood, and appeared in numerous television and radio programmes on these subjects.Her books Entering Couplehood...and Taking Leave of It, How to Get a Loving Couplehood and When Sex Life Becomes Deadlock are a trilogy on couplehood.
FORFATTER Kirsten Ahlburg
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ISBN 9788711772713
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The second change in language that got to me was when I asked him, "What are we doing this weekend?" I didn't express any preferences so he didn't know what's on my mind, and neither did I ask what he would like to do, so how could he possibly answer In other words, welcome to couplehood.

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